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A few good reasons for doing business from one of our Executive Office suites in Ginza
If your company has been thinking about opening an office in Tokyo, why not do it in Ginza and take advantage of all the amenities and prestige that a Ginza business address brings.

Executive Office Ginza offers the most affordable solutions to take advantage of doing business in Ginza, in addition to our service and hospitality being unsurpassed.

The cost of setting up an office in Ginza, Tokyo is no longer preventative.
Just ask us!
Case1 Executive Office as a branch office in Japan.
Establishing an overseas branch of your company can be a daunting task. We at Executive Office Ginza wish to eliminate the hassle and make this as smooth a transition as possible for your company.
By setting up your office with us, you will immediately thereafter be able to take the next step of registering your company to this address.
Ginza is centrally located in Tokyo and is easily reached from both Haneda and Narita airports. Your employees traveling to Japan will have an easy commute to our office direct from the airport or their hotel.
Ginza has been synonymous with business, prestige and culture in Japan more than one hundred years.
It is truly the choice of many companies for their Tokyo or Japan flagship store, or company headquarters.
Establishing an office in Ginza in the past could be difficult, especially for foreign companies, now it has never been easier.
Case2 Executive Office as a domestic Tokyo branch office.
Having an office in Ginza can give you a competitive edge.
Even companies already established in Japan can reap the benefits of an office in Ginza. Whether it is for entertaining existing customers or inviting new potential customers or suppliers to your office, our executive offices always offer a highly representative image and will make a great impression on your visitors. In addition, in the current economic climate, companies more than ever need to control their expenditures. Executive Office offers a cost effective solution for setting up and doing business in central Tokyo.
Case3 Establishing a new company venture.
In addition to all the physical advantages of doing business in Ginza, in the case where you are just starting up, or your company is not yet known, a Ginza address can give you the confidence you need while developing and expanding your business. Need help registering a corporation in Japan? Just ask us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.
Case4 Need a place to conduct lessons, training sessions or seminars?
We have the perfect location for you, Ginza is the perfect location both physically and culturally to conduct various kinds of educative activities. Students and customers alike will love the prospect of learning in such a modern and clean environment. Take advantage of our large conference room and our digital video projector. Ginza has been a location for the study of traditional Japanese arts for many years. Recently, various other industries are taking advantage of the location to establish their schools and education centers.

Utilize our facilities and take advantage of all that Ginza can offer your enterprise and your customers,

Start something new here, who knows? You could be the first!