6 Reasons for Choosing(Yajima bldg, 8F)|Rental Office Space

6 Resons For Choosing Executive Office Yajima Building
Located just off the main street in a quiet but busy commercial area, the Yajima Building is situated in an area within close to many famous Japanese companies.
Very convenient to the station, this location is perfect for companies wanting a prestigious and convenient address, in a quiet and relaxing setting.
This is all possible at the Yajima Building Ginza 7-11-3.
When setting up an office, speed, flexibility and a smooth transition are all key factors in making a decision. With no deposit or key money, and merely our one time membership fee, you can achieve the distinction of doing business in Ginza without the enormous cost usually associated with doing so. Also, there are no contract renewal fees to worry about in the future.
Just 4 minutes walking distance from Ginza Metro station are 14 private serviced office suites ranging in size from 5sqm -11sqm available for permanent office rental.
Each office is furnished practically and comfortably with modern office furniture including desk, chair and file cabinet, various solutions are available. In addition to being furnished, every office has an opening window and own air conditioning unit and thermostat. You will have full control over the comfort level of your private office.
Ginza is one of the safest areas in Tokyo. However, to ensure proper security of our offices and safety for our tenants, Executive Office Yajima Building is fitted with multiple security enhancements. Access to your office is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After office hours and on holidays, the Yajima Building will be locked. Access to the building can only be gained through an electronic keypad entry system. In addition, every time you enter the Executive Office 8th floor, you will enter your company 4 digit security number. Of course every office suite is secured by lock and key. The intercom system in your office will make it easy for visitors to contact you from outside the offices.
Outside the main floor entrance is a parcel delivery lock box. At the first floor is your private locked mailbox.
Each office suite comes equipped with a secure, high speed internet LAN connection. No special software installation is necessary. All you need is a LAN cable. Our broadband VLAN system is actualized for high security.
It is also possible to have your own telephone line installed, there is already a telephone jack installed in every office suite, merely contact the local telephone service provider to apply for service.
Our bright and comfortable meeting room with space for 5 people is available free of charge 24 hours a day. We have a simple reservation system without the need to call or email.
Other business tools include a copy machine and printer.
Printing directly from your office is possible.

In the common area there is a small kitchen area with hot and cold running water, and there is a vending machine with hot and cold drinks.

We pride ourselves in our tenants feeling both secure and comfortable in our facilities 24 hours a day. This is why we have made such efforts as to security features and amenities.

We are looking forward to your company doing business with us.