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Privacy Policy
Our company recognizes that the protection of privacy and private information for both our customers and business partners is of the utmost importance. As a socially responsible company we apply privacy protection procedures from top management down through all our staff to ensure that your privacy and private information is protected.
Privacy Policy
Our company will never divulge, release, sell or profit from any private information including address, email-address, telephone number etc, and further we will never engage in discussion about your company business, policies or information with others. We will ensure that your privacy is fully protected.

Indirectly conveying of information will be strictly avoided and we will ensure that all our staff will adhere to this policy. Any private information potentially linked to our customers will not be disclosed.

1) Our company adheres strictly to the privacy and information act of Japan in regards to the sharing and disclosure of customer information as designated by law.
2) Our company will never use any methods of data collection or acquisition of information other than those set forth as acceptable by Japanese law and only in cases deemed necessary pertaining to contractual matters with our customers.
3) Our company applies proper and adequate security methods to ensure that customer data and information is not leaked.
4) Sharing customer data with a third party will not occur except in cases deemed necessary by law such as in the case of request from a government legal authority or in the case of legal issues as requested by law.
5) In any case where the sharing and correction of customer information is deemed legally necessary, our company will communicate this to said customer promptly.
6) At our company we are constantly reviewing our security measures and policies and we will strive to constantly improve our privacy policies and security.

Tomokazu Ida CEO