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Customer Voice
We have received many comments from our member's customers.
Listen to people who have visited Executive Office Ginza as customers.
“When I first heard that this company was operating out of this type of office I was concerned about their credibility. However, when I visited the company at Executive Office I was immediately put at ease by the professional atmosphere.
The office was absolutely representative of their business.”
“I asked my business partner why they were doing business from a rental office? What were the benefits of doing so? He immediately explained to me that they were able to easily, efficiently and economically set up an office in Ginza, thereby being able to focus on providing the best service at the best prices to their customers. They can pass the savings on to customers like me. I was happy to hear that.”
“I used to have to travel quite a distance to visit this company, it cost me time and money. Now that they have opened a branch office in Ginza, it made it much easier for us to meet and conduct our business together. It saves time, money and overall has improved our business relations.”
“ When I visited my customer at Executive Office Ginza he explained how easy it was to set up an office here. He told me that he registered his business here and it was all so very easy. The location was great, the offices were very high standard, I thought it was a great idea, and a great way to do business.
I’d like to set up an office here myself!”