Flow for Contracting|Rental Office Space

Flow for contracting an Executive Office
An Executive Office Ginza we use a member contract system.Unlike typical real estate agents, At Executive Office Ginza We are able to offer you a more simplified and expedient process.Simply make an appointment with us to view one of our available offices.This can usually take place on the same day, simply call or email us to arrange a viewing.
Necessary Documentation
For Corporation 1) Official Corporate Registration (Toukibotouhon issued within last 3 months)2) (Inkanshoumeisho issued within last 3 months) 3) Signature   
(daihyoutorishimariyakuin) 4) Company Representative's ID  (i.e, Driver Licence ,Passport, Alien Registration Card)
5) Company Brochure For Individual or DBA 1) Certificate of Residence (Juminhyo issued within last 3 months)
2) (Inkanshoumeisho issued within last 3 months) 3) Signature ( Jitsuin ) 4) Applicant's ID (i.e, Driver License , Passport, Alien Registration Card) 5) Company Brochure
Interview with our company representative
A brief interview with our company representative will be held in order to better understand your business and service requirements, in addition to ensuring that all your questions regarding our services are answered before making an application. In other words make sure we are a good fit!
Make an Application
You may fill out the application form here or we can send the necessary paperwork to your company office.
Payment of Membership Fee and First Month's Rent
Payment is made directly to our bank account by wire transfer. Upon verifying receipt of payment, your membership will begin and your company will have full access to all our services. First payment will consist of a one-time member fee of 55,000 JPY(including tax) and the applicable rental fee (pro-rated if mid-month rental inception).
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