Frequently Asked Questions|Rental Office Space

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions, if you don't find the answer to your questions below, please contact us with your inquiry.
Q1 Is it possible for private individuals or entrepreneurs to rent office space from Exective Office Ginza?
Yes, we do not discriminate based on the size of your company, even those who have not yet registered their company can rent office space. Later, upon registering your company, we can amend your private rental agreement to reflect your new corporation, without the need to make a new contract.
Q2 Is the rental contract fixed term?
The rental agreement is on a monthly basis with no renewal fees or renegotiating of contracts necessary. Upon entering into contract and paying the basic monthly rental fee, you must merely give a minimum of 2 months notice in writing upon decision to move out.
Q3 What period of notice is required to be given before terminating a rental contract?
The term of notice to be given is equal to that of two months written prior notice of moving out. Moving out may occur any time within the month as long as the period of notice is observed.
Q4 In the case of my absence such as for business travel, do you offer secretary services to answer my telephone?
Yes, we can provide your company with live telephone answering Mon.-Fri. from 9 am - 6 pm, You may receive up to 100 calls a month at no extra fee, call volume exceeding 100 calls will be charged at 110 JPY(including tax)per call. We will also notify you instantly by email or telephone of all calls received at no extra charge to your company.
Q5 Is a guarantor required to rent an office at Executive Office Ginza?
Unlike most rental office companies/agents in Japan who require a guarantor to successfully be able to lease a property, Executive Office Ginza does not require any guarantor. Simply complete the normal rental procedure, including an interview with our representative, complete the application process, transfer payment, and move in.
Q6 What is the total sum required at time of contract signing?
After signing the contract, please transfer the appropriate funds to our bank account. The appropriate funds being 55,000 JPY(including tax) member admission fee (one time only), followed by the coinciding rental amount equal to one months rent or in some cases pro-rated down to the equivalent number of days remaining in the month, in the case of lease inception after the 1st of the month.
Q7 Does the member admission fee vary by office size?
No, this amount will not change and is the same for any office you rent. The amount is 55,000 JPY(including tax)
Q8 Does Executive Office Ginza offer any doccument handling, back office, or secretary services?
The answer is yes! We have a full time secretarial staff on hand at all times to assist your company. We can accommodate most clerical work and document handling requests. The fee for these services is 550 JPY(including tax) per 5 min. Special requests will be calculated in line with standard business practices in Japan
Q9 Who is responsible for cleaning my office?
Executive Office conducts a yearly comprehensive cleaning of all offices including the air conditioning units and carpets. In addition, the common areas at Executive Office are cleaned on a daily basis. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own office internally as necessary.
Q10 When is the billing cycle for Executive Office Ginza?
All invoices issued should be paid by the 25th of the same month.

Charges incurred for extra services such as copying, printing, and secretary services, etc. will show up on the following months invoice.
Q11 How do I receive my mail and parcels?
At the Yajima Building each tenant has a private mail box for the receipt of regular mail, parcels may be received directly by tenants, in the case of your absence, there is a delivery lock box for parcels just outside the main entrance to Executive Office on the 8th floor.
At the Fugetsudo Building our secretary will receive your mail and parcels and deliver them to you at your office, or forward them to you as requested by your company.
Q12 Is smoking allowed within Executive Office's facilities?
Executive Office Ginza is a smoke free environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the facilities. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our facilities smoke free.